Environmental issues and concerns are very much part and parcel of what it means to be a Christian. If we are to remain true to our Mission Statement – a summary of the two greatest commandments – which is to love God with all our hearts, minds etc and our neighbour as ourselves, then it makes sense to include our care for God’s creation as what it means to love Him and our neighbour. This page therefore is set aside to keep you informed with news about what St. James is seeking to do in relation to environmental matters and we hope to include practical things every Christian can do to help make a difference to our world and help reduce the effect that each one of our lifestyle’s can have on things like climate change.

The Parish is, along with the Diocese, a supporter of Fairtrade and Traidcraft and we are working on strengthening those links in the future. Meanwhile you will find a crossword and a quiz to help you think about what they do.